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Welcome to Our College

Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Gaddopur, Uttar Pradesh

Nearest Railway Station : Goshainganj, Nearest Bus Station : Goshainganj, Nearest Airport: Lucknow

The College Is Located On The Faizabad – Ambedkar Nagar Road. It About 37kms. From Faizabad And About 18 Kms. From Ambedkar Nagar   

Gaddopur (District Faizabad)

Uttar Pradesh, India


Welcome to website of  Mahila  P.G. College. Here you will learn how to think, not what to think. You will learn to express yourself with confidence and clarity in speech and writing. You will be encouraged to express your ideas openly in classroom discussions, global affairs and other venues. Your learning experience will combine breadth with depth. You will be encouraged to challenge ideas and to think creatively. There are many further innovations which are now on the anvil, like virtual classrooms to supplement regular classroom sessions; college owned competency based assessment, student centric education, the knowledge centre in the city, etc. Mahila P.G. College believe in providing you holistic education. Apart from academics and professional training, we support your overall development. The industry today not only seeks young professionals with strong academic and professional skills, but also those who have proactive personalities with leadership qualities. It encourages talent, creative thinking and personal accomplishments. At the College we provide you with an opportunity to transform your personality to become a fully self-expressed person.

          You may be a graduate looking for the fastest route to a rewarding job, an undergraduate student desiring a high quality educational experience, a school student who wishes to experiment with professional training or you may be already pursuing a career but wishing to enhance your skills – no matter what your learning goals are, “Mahila P.G. College has something exciting to offer to you”.